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If you are installing a new toilet, following the instructions, you will mount the toilet tank to the base using a rubber seal, two bolts with wing nuts, four metal washers and four rubber washers. To mount the tank, place the rubber seal around the hole on the bottom outside of the tank. The seal is flat on the tank side. Place the tank on the toilet base. Now put one metal washer and one rubber washer on each bolt. The rubber washer must be tight against the toilet. Insert the bolts through the inside of the tank and down through the base. Install the rubber washers, metal washers and wing nuts from underneath. Tighten the wing nuts alternately, being careful not to over tighten them as you could crack the toilet.

Inspect the floor flange making sure it is free from all wax from the previous seal. Remove any old wax with a putty knife. Check to ensure the flange is tight to the floor. Tighten or replace loose or rusted flange screws.